About Chelsea Dee

Chelsea Dee Thom (b. 1983) is an American documentary and humanitarian photographer. She grew up in small town Nebraska and is currently based in Vail, Colorado. Chelsea attended her first photo class while studying at the University of Nebraska, she then moved to Colorado, where she received a B.A. from Colorado State University. After Colorado State she moved to Santa Barbara, CA to study still photography at Brooks Institute of Photography. Chelsea recently completed a Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management with specializations in Global Policy and Media from The New School in NYC.

Chelsea began shooting professionally in 2007 after interning for world-renowned fashion photographer Mark Seliger. She has been shooting subjects of international interest since 2009 spending time in Rwanda, Kenya, Palestine, the United Kingdom, Malta, Canada, Haiti, Israel, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil and the United States. She completed an internship at the issue driven photo agency VII Photo  and has completed two VII photo workshops. Chelsea in 2012 was honored to have been part of two Global Youth Media based projects, teaching groups of  teenagers photography  in both Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and Maai Mahiu, Kenya and holding exhibitions for the teenagers in both cities.

Chelsea’s involvement in nonprofit work in East Africa has led her to photograph extensive projects in both Rwanda and Kenya. Her work in Maai Mahiu, Kenya with Comfort the Children International (www.ctcinternational.org) has become a passion of hers and has led to her work being displayed and used nationally at Whole Foods.   She continues to work on location throughout the world and is available for hire at home and abroad.

Chelsea  was asked to publicly present her recent Masters Thesis, at The New School in New York City. The Thesis paired research on Nonprofit Narrative and Youth Media Photography workshops in Rio De Janiero ~ Brazil, and Maai Mahiu ~Kenya.

Chelsea continues to spend her life in transit because she finds it so important to document the light she sees in people through out the world and to represent the sacred narratives of the individuals whom she meets along the way. Her goal is to represent stories authentically, always. She is available for hire worldwide.

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Thank You to each person who has allowed me access to their lives, beauty, and sacred stories- Chelsea