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Photography has always been my outlet to share the beauty I see in the world. When I take your photograph my goal is to share these glimpses of beautiful light that are within each of us into a perfect photograph. In searching this amazing planet I have found the most beautiful light throughout the world just waiting to reveal itself - whether in the mountains of Colorado, near the sea in Israel, walking the beautiful valleys of Kenya, or just sitting in the right light- I have had the honor to catch glimpses of humanity within the light the world shares...Spending my days chasing the perfect light is what I find my purpose within.


Ten years ago I started taking photos of the special-needs-school children at the Ubuntu Life Foundation, and today I sit on the board for Ubuntu Life. Now every time I travel to Kenya with the Foundation, we have school-photo-day and it’s by far my favorite day of the year. As a parent, I recognize the simple joy one school photo can bring, and I feel so much joy in my connection with these kids and watching them beam with pride as I click.

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